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Wholesale CD Packages

With Wholesale Plan CDs, covers are imprinted with the heading of your choice - A Gift of Remembrance or A Gift of Music - and Your Name as Giver. Considering the 7 CD choices available, you select an assortment of CDs based on what you expect the intended recipients will appreciate most. Please refer to this helpful GUIDE when selecting CDs. The CDs you select will be paired with unique matching cards printed according to your preferences.

Complete Gift Packages start at 10 for $134.95. Gifts include personalized CDs, matching cards with premium color envelopes (80#, 4.375” x 5.75”), and deluxe metallic, colored bubble mailers (7.5” x 11”) as shown below. The price per gift is $1 less if you don't want the mailers.

Unless you specify otherwise, we’ll choose the color of the deluxe mailers and premium envelopes to match the color tone of the CDs you select. For example we include gold mailers and envelopes for Eagles Wings CDs and blue (mailers and envelopes) for Quiet Classics CDs.

Premium Envelopes

Personalized Memorial CDs - Wholesale Order Form

"A Gift of Remembrance / from Your Organization Name"
is printed on each CD cover.

Quick Service- most orders sent within 2 days!

Example: ABC Health & Rehab
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