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You are invited to view supportive Grief Videos by clicking on the menu above.

This peaceful music is for all; especially the bereaved, those with Alzheimer’s, their caregivers and all who struggle with COVID-19. Please listen as desired and share this page freely.

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Eagles Wings

The Quiet Heart

Wind Beneath My Wings

Quiet Classics

Precious Memories

Quiet Valor

Silent Night

The Joyful Heart


In addition to my solo piano CDs I was privileged to record albums with other artists such as RIVER and Minneapolis “Pavarotti of Gospel”singer Robert Robinson. Many of you will enjoy this variety of gospel songs, hymns, lively spirituals and Christmas carols.

River Hymns

River Hymns

Praise From The Heart

Praise From the Heart

From the Heart

From the Heart

From The Heart, Vol. 2

From the Heart, Vol 2

Christmas From The Heart

Christmas from the Heart

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